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Date: 1989-12 atari800xl.org comp.sys.atari.8bit
BBS's and archives  
1.  Donald F. Simmons  
 More options Dec 1 1989, 1:37 am
Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.8bit
From: 0@AECLCR.BITNET (Donald F. Simmons) -
Date: 30 Nov 89 16:37:00 GMT
Subject: BBS's and archives
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     I recently got the SX 212 modem. I have located some archives that carry
software for the ST, and I would like to know if there are any archives
that carry programs for the Atari 8-bits (I have an 800). Also, the numbers
of any good BBS's that have 8-bit software would be appreciated. Please
reply direct because I have had a lot of trouble trying to subscribe to this
list and can't seem to get on it. Thanks in advance.

Doald Simmons <0C109@AECLCR>

Please recommend pre-school software  
1.  Roger M. Christal;685-2116;61-028;778-6136;orca  
 More options Dec 1 1989, 2:12 am
Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.8bit
From: rog@windsurf.WV.TEK.COM ( Roger M. Christal;685-2116;61-028;778-6136;orca) -
Date: 30 Nov 89 17:12:18 GMT
Local: Fri, Dec 1 1989 2:12 am
Subject: Re: Please recommend pre-school software
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In article <15470@hpdml93.HP.COM> r@hpdml93.HP.COM (Ron Abramson) writes:

>Can anyone recommend some good educational/entertainment
>software for pre-school children?

I got "Alf And The Color Caves" for my 5 year old son and he loves it.

You might also look at "Linking Logic" and "Memory Manor" from
Fisher-Price.  If I remember correctly, these are recommended for 5 to
8 year olds.  Not really pre-school, but very helpful in developing
memory and logic skills.

 -=<<  Roger Christal  rog@orca.WV.TEK.COM  +1 503 685 2116  >>=-

1.  Marc Bessent  
 More options Dec 1 1989, 10:15 am
Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.8bit
From: bluef@hydra.unm.edu (Marc Bessent) -
Date: 1 Dec 89 01:15:48 GMT
Local: Fri, Dec 1 1989 10:15 am
Subject: Bluefire
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For those of you who have dealt with me before via this newsgroup,
I am posting this to let you know that my net.address has changed...
I am no longer cs253@carina.unm.edu, I now am bluef@hydra.unm.edu,
or bluef@carina.unm.edu, or.....I have accounts on many of the
machines here.....but those are the main two!

        Well, hope to here from you before Dec. 3rd!
(I leave December 4th)

                Marc Bluefire

PS.  If you wish to leave me mail after that time, feel free!
        I will be back from <gulp> bootcamp around January 30th...
        I'll reply then!

  M               B             Marc Bluefire <aka cs253@carina.unm.edu.UUCP>
 [=]    [=-=]    [=]            
 | |=-=-| c |-=-=| |            

130xe computers wanted!  
1.  C.L. Freemesser  
 More options Dec 1 1989, 2:06 pm
Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.8bit, comp.sys.atari.st, misc.wanted
Followup-To: comp.sys.atari.8bit
From: clf3@ultb.isc.rit.edu (C.L. Freemesser) -
Date: 1 Dec 89 05:06:50 GMT
Local: Fri, Dec 1 1989 2:06 pm
Subject: 130xe computers wanted!
| | | | | | |
Have a 130xe (or two) that you don't use anymore?  Sell them to me!

I'm looking for a number of 130xe computers.  My offers are listed
below.  If you have one for sale, please reply via one of the below
routes, or call me at (716)328-1703 before 11pm EST.

130xe with no power supply - $45
130xe with power supply, TV cable - $60
130xe with all cables, original box, packaging, manual - $75

XE must be in perfect working condition, no upgrades or the such.  I
will pay for shipping (UPS ground).  I only need 130xe computers, not
the 65xe or any XLs.

Thanks much!

Chris Freemesser, Rochester Institute of Technology :BITNET:%clf3678@RITVAX
    |||        ____________                         :GEnie: C.FREEMESSER
    |||       /___    /          (and 8-bit too!)   :USENET: clf3@ultb.isc.
   / | \   ______/   /                              :        .rit.edu
Call the A.C.O.R.N BBS (716)436-3078, 300/1200 baud :<-or my BBS

2.  runningman  
 More options Dec 6 1989, 12:25 pm
Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.8bit
From: pauls@thor.acc.stolaf.edu (runningman) -
Date: 6 Dec 89 03:25:37 GMT
Local: Wed, Dec 6 1989 12:25 pm
Subject: Re: 130xe computers wanted!
| | | | | | |
Maybe I've been out of touch with Atari 8bit reality lately, but isn't a 130XE
worth much more than $75, especially considering it would be in PERFECT working
condition?.....makes me dread to even consider the monetary value of my 1200XL.


Kirk S Paulsen                  | pauls@thor.acc.stolaf.edu  |
St Olaf College        email:   |           --or--              |
Northfield MN 55057             | pauls@agnes.acc.stolaf.edu |

3.  mike curtis  
 More options Dec 7 1989, 3:55 am
Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.8bit
From: curt@uncw.UUCP (mike curtis) -
Date: 6 Dec 89 18:55:08 GMT
Local: Thurs, Dec 7 1989 3:55 am
Subject: Re: 130xe computers wanted!
| | | | | | |
I am writing this in the hope that some kind soul will help me
out. My problem is with the game Alternate Reality ,The City. I have
an original copy which loads and executes with no problem.  The
problem occurs when I actually play the game.  I can walk around
the city with no problem, but when I try to enter any building
the data disk does not load.  This means that the game is totally
unplayable.  I was wondering if anyone on the new would be so kind
as to help me out.  Please post a message if you can help me.  I
would really like to be able to play the game.

8-bit mags  
1.  Roy Wood  
 More options Dec 1 1989, 4:16 pm
Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.8bit
From: rrw@lotus.waterloo.edu (Roy Wood) -
Date: 1 Dec 89 07:16:21 GMT
Local: Fri, Dec 1 1989 4:16 pm
Subject: 8-bit mags
| | | | | | |
So what 8-bit magazines (if any) are left?  And if there aren't any left,
where are the few die-hard supporting companies going to advertise?

And, abruptly switching topics, he goes on to ask...

Someone recently published some benchmarks for cc65 and compared it to
"Kaypro Pascal".  Is this a Pascal compiler for the 8-bits?
And is it as good as the benchmarks suggest?

-Roy Wood (rrw@lotus.waterloo.edu)

tv switch box  
1.  Bob_BobR_Retelle  
 More options Dec 1 1989, 4:21 pm
Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.8bit
From: Bob_BobR_Rete@cup.portal.com -
Date: 1 Dec 89 07:21:29 GMT
Local: Fri, Dec 1 1989 4:21 pm
Subject: Re: tv switch box
| | | | | | |
Another thing about the TV "switchboxes" is that they're notorious for
poor quality components.  It's possible that the problem Dianne was
having is similar to one I had, where the wire from the 300 Ohm connection
had pulled loose from the switch somehow.  Also, the switches themselves
aren't usually all that good.  It might be a good idea to try another one
(again, from Radio Shack) and see if it helps any.  They're fairly


tv switch box in Europe  
2.  David Bernard  
 More options Dec 6 1989, 6:37 am
Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.8bit
From: bern@cory.Berkeley.EDU (David Bernard) -
Date: 5 Dec 89 21:37:36 GMT
Local: Wed, Dec 6 1989 6:37 am
Subject: tv switch box in Europe
| | | | | | |


I want to take an Atari to Europe, and would like to know if I
could set them up to European-style tvs.

Can I use the regular tv switch box, or do I have to buy something
else that will make it compatibile with the PAL system that they
use over in Europe.

Also, would it be ok if I just hook up the Atari to a standard
electrical adaptor?



ftp; zmag; cc65  
1.  tle33710  
 More options Dec 2 1989, 2:57 am
Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.8bit
From: tle33@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu -
Date: 1 Dec 89 17:57:00 GMT
Subject: ftp; zmag; cc65
| | | | | | |

I'm a little new to this, but a new friend of mine showed me the wonders
of ftp and how to recieve Zmag at the University of Illinois.  My question:
I only have access to issues up to #168...August 1st, 1989.  Are the new ones
not released yet?  Or just what is happening?  I appear to be in the dark.
By using ftp, do i have access to cc65?
Tim Elliott                                 | ``Genghis''
University of Illinois at Urpaign/Chambana  |  ``Lech''  (Name of the Week)
tle33@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu                  |   ``Insert your own quote''
"Country and Western music:  I understand it now..."                      
                                        The Kids in the Hall 11/25/89        


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